Your customers love your shoes.  With Insolia Products, they will want to buy more and talk to their friends and family about your shoes.  The experience of our partners, whether they are brands, retailers or both, has shown that when an Insolia Product is added to a new or existing shoe line, all the available colors and styles sell well. And not only do customers come back each season to buy more in new styles, they bring new customers with them.

Insolia Products not only provide unique benefits to your customers, but they also help you increase your revenue and profits.

In 2012, the annual retail value of footwear sold containing Insolia Products was over $60 million.  By 2014 this grew to over $200 million.  Today over 30 million pairs of footwear constructed with Insolia Products have been sold by retailers worldwide.  With Insolia Products you can bring this kind of growth to your bottom line.