insolia® Products surpass 30 million pairs, solidifying their global position

More than 30 million pairs of shoes constructed with Insolia products have been sold worldwide and the number is expected to continue to grow annually. With the acceptance of the American Podiatric Medical Association and the UK Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, Insolia products have been helping shoe brands and retailers increase their sales, brand loyalty and profits. 

“From the beginning we have achieved higher margins and profits from our collection with Insolia. Our revenues and market share increased with Insolia.” 
— European Shoe Brand and Retailer
“When we started with Insolia the sell through rate was quickly 2 times higher than any previous new collection we had offered. The collection grew and enjoyed tremendous success.  As a result we expanded our use of Insolia Products and have been able to expand our customer demographics and achieve unprecedented results.”
— Asian Shoe Retailer
“As a large retailer, it is no longer good enough to just have good product and a good brand.  To differentiate the brand you need innovation.  With the innovations provided by Insolia Products our sales of shoes jumped 70% on the back of an innovation advertising campaign.”
— Large European Retailer

February 2016

Company announces the newest Insolia Product, Insolia Achilles, along with new Insolia Systems of combined products.

Insolia Achilles, announced by HBN Shoe, LLC. is the third and most technical product in the Insolia family of products that bring Science to Shoes. Insolia Achilles is the first real solution to variable shoe fit and the resulting foot movement causing slippage and blistering in all types of women's and men’s shoes. Two Insolia Systems were announced as part of the new Insolia product announcement. The Insolia Heels System now combines the Insolia Heels product and the Insolia Achilles product into a unique package that creates the most unique and patented science-based comfort system for women’s high heel shoes.  At the same time the Insolia Flex System now combines the Insolia Flex product and the Insolia Achilles product into a unique package that creates the most unique and patented science-based comfort system for men’s and women’s low or no heel shoes, including athletic shoes.

February 2016

Coach Footwear to use Insolia® Products

Coach Footwear has adopted the revolutionary Insolia Heels product for use in high heel shoe manufacturing.  The technology in the Insolia product redistributes weight from the ball of the foot to the heel, extending comfort and improving posture. 

By standing for authenticity, innovation, and relevance, the Coach brand has defined “accessible luxury” for generations.  Today, Coach is building on their brand strengths with a vision to become the company that defines “global modern luxury”.

Coach products are available in over 1,000 directly-operated stores on five continents worldwide, and many more in collaboration with global wholesale and distributor partners.  The Coach collection with Insolia will debut at Coach stores in Autumn 2015.

July 2015