What Are Insolia Heels?
Pain-relieving high heel insoles that work.

Insolia Heels

They’re not made to be squeezed through a window in the packaging. They’re not made to wear out so you have to replace them. They’re not one size fits all, because feet aren't either.

They’re made to make high heels more comfortable than you ever thought possible. They’re made to last as a permanent fix to every shoe. They are sized precisely to work perfectly.

Get the right size, read the directions, put them in, and your high heels are fixed.

Fix pumps, sandals, wedges, boots— it doesn't matter. Insolia Heels can help.

It's not rocket science, but we got a rocket scientist to design them anyway. And since Insolia Heels have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, it looks like we got our money's worth.

Insolia works so well you’ll forget it’s there.
And that’s why it’s worth remembering.