From Great to Even Better


From Great to Even Better

The Secret is Insolia® Products

Insolia Products take your shoes and your bottom line from great to even better. 

Let your customers love the way they feel in your shoes as much as they love they way they look in your shoes.

Insolia for Women

You know your customers love the way they look in your high heels, but all high heel lovers know comfort is sacrificed in the name of fashion. But it doesn't have to be.

Insolia Heels and Insolia Achilles, simple components added during shoe construction, have been proven to reduce the pressure on the forefoot by a third, reduce oxygen demand while walking by 25%, increase wear time by a factor of three, noticeably improve the posture and grace of women while standing or walking, improve stability and reduce shoe slippage and foot movement.

Which is to say: Customers really like shoes with either Insolia Heels and Insolia Achilles, or both.

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Insolia for Men & Women

Your customers love your styling. Your customers love the way your dress, casual, athletic and outdoor shoes feel. What could possibly make them better?

The addition of Insolia Flex and Insolia Achilles during shoe construction has been proven to reduce oxygen consumption by 10%, reduce heart rate by 5% and reduce the number of steps to walk a set distance over a set time by 5%, improve stability and reduce shoe slippage and foot movement.  In addition, tests by men and women have shown an improvement in shoe and walking comfort

Which is to say: Customers really like shoes with either Insolia Flex and Insolia Achilles, or both.

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Getting Started

A great shoe brand or retailer needs to test any new technology before it risks its reputation. We make it easy to test and implement Insolia Products, and, if needed, we provide free on-site factory support to you.

We make testing and evaluating any Insolia Product a simple process. For example, if you wanted to test Insolia Heels in one of your existing high heel shoe styles you would simply give us two pairs of production shoes: one fully manufactured, the other without the sock liner or any foam glued in. We would install the Insolia Heels Product and place the sock liner (and any foam) in the second pair of shoes.

Dr. Dananberg runs an In-shoe pressure test

Dr. Dananberg runs an In-shoe pressure test

We would then compare the two pairs of shoes with computerized in-shoe pressure testing. Dr. Howard Dananberg reviews the results, and we provide you a complete report and both pairs of shoes. For men's or women's shoes without heels, a similar process is conducted with Insolia Flex.

You can add Insolia Achilles to either an Insolia Heels or and Insolia Flex test.  Or you can request just an Insolia Achilles test.

Whether you decide to move forward with a small retail test or to launch a full collection, we and our local technical support staff will be there to support you, your sample room, your factories, and if appropriate, your sales staff. If your plan is to first conduct a small retail test, we provide you with Insolia Product at no cost.

And if your plan is a full scale launch, well, scroll down and keep reading.

Production & Distribution

We know you can't risk production delays due to late component deliveries, so we support you with our Just-In-Time manufacturing and key staff who manage production and distribution of Insolia Products.

HBN has two factories in Asia that manufacture Insolia Products. Located in Guangzhou, China, and Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, both have identical equipment and the same senior management. You can obtain product based on the location of your shoe factories.

In order to accommodate customers' requests for faster delivery, we maintain 250,000 to 500,000 pairs of product in inventory at any given time in both locations. And regardless of seasonality, this inventory level can double, or more, in less than two weeks. Typical lead time is three to five days from receipt of order. Our factories operate a high level of quality control on both incoming raw materials and outgoing customer product. We maintain technical sales and support offices in China, Europe and the US. All locations can provideshoe factory technical training and support as well as sales support.

We know how important marketing can be, so read on and learn how we help.

MTS Inventory.jpg

Marketing Support

A great shoe brand or retailer understands that anything new needs strong marketing and messages. We support you with various types of marketing support and materials to assist you in making your customers aware of Insolia and your shoes.

We provide you with a variety of materials that can be used to support a small retail test or a full launch of a shoe collection incorporating Insolia Products. We are ready to work with you to support your brand.

We know nothing is better than real-world proof. And with the success of Insolia Products, we have it. We provide you with independent research studies, test results, customer surveys, and the approval of major medical groups such as the American Podiatric Medical Association and the UK Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. All this highlights the benefits that your customers will experience in your shoes with Insolia Products.

We realize that your brand positioning is much more important than Insolia.  So while we have minimal Insolia Brand guidelines, it's up to you to decide how you use our marketing support and materials.

For example, the video below was created by one of our customers, Marks & Spencer, for use on their web site. They have mixed their own video with clips from 3D motion capture video we produced. They have cleverly blended the various benefits of Insolia Products, and included both Insolia Heels and Insolia Flex. At the end of the video they reference shoe products to the right of the video that they update as needed.

Intellectual Property

A great shoe brand or retailer needs protection from imitations and copies. 

We protect more than just designs. Our utility patents protect the fundamental innovations that make your shoes incorporating Insolia Products valuable to you and your customers.

All Insolia Products are inventions for footwear applications. We focus on key foot health and body comfort issues to identify the optimal foot position, alignment, support or flexibility for the specific shoe construction. All Insolia Products are based on the structure of the foot and the biomechanics of gait (how we walk). The result: components and designs containing unique formulas and shapes for the inside of the shoe. 

We obtain one or more utility patents on all Insolia Products that we bring to market, and currently hold a total of thirteen patents in the United States, Europe, China and Japan. Another nine patents are pending and in the acceptance process. If you become one of our customers, we will issue you a patent license so that you are fully protected with your use of any Insolia Product. 

Finally, we have a global network of local patent attorneys who assist us, and you, in the event of any potential infringement.